Dr. Daniel Kovacik serves individuals from long-term care facilities at the Arizona Mission of Mercy.

March 2016

The 4th annual Mission of Mercy (AzMoM) in December is the largest volunteer event in Arizona for the dental community. It is an opportunity for dentists, dental team members, and volunteers from the community to come together and help connect individuals that lack access to care with compassionate standard of care services. The event has grown every year and saw over 1,800 patients receive almost 2 million dollars in dental services in 2015. This is Dr. Kovacik’s third year serving at the event. Dr. Kovacik functioned as co-lead with Dr. Pat Rabot in coordinating with the Arizona Healthcare Corporation to bring individuals living in longterm care facilities to AZMoM from Phoenix and surrounding communities. Often elderly individuals and people with cognitive or physical disabilities are among the most vulnerable populations in terms of access to dental services and maintaining oral health. Go to www.azmom.org to learn more!

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