our family of Hygienists

Sondra Solene, Dental Hygienist

Sondra is an incredibly skilled and uniquely experienced dental hygienist. After earning her BS from Loyola University in Chicago, she began working with Dr. Randy Smith. Since 1985, their work has provided countless people with exceptional dental care.

With five children, 2 grandchildren and plenty of playful critters, Sondra certainly has her hands full. When she’s not at her office or spoiling the grandkids, she likes to work in her garden and cook fantastic homemade meals.

Marcia Masur, Registered Dental Hygienist

After earning a BS in Biology and another in Dental Hygiene, both from the University of South Dakota, she worked as a dental hygienist in Minnesota for 17 years. Over those years, she has gathered invaluable experience and has been certified in anesthesia and laser treatments. She has since been working with Dr. Randy Smith giving patients beautiful healthy smiles.

On her free time, Marcia enjoys golf, reading, swimming and especially spending time with her brand new grandson.

Sue Fuller, Dental Hygienist

Sue Fuller is a very highly trained and experienced dental hygienist. After nearly a decade of education in Illinois, Sue met Dr. Randy Smith and has been working with him since 1991. Over the years she has been honored with multiple awards for her outstanding work at both the Rio Salado College’s School of Dental Hygiene and the Phoenix College of Dental Hygiene. Even when she’s not on the clock, she still strives to improve the lives of others through her volunteer work including the Central Arizona Mission of Mercy, the ADA’s Give Kids a Smile program, Compassion Queen Creek and the ADHA Oral Cancer Walk.

Nothing is more important to Sue than family. She loves spending time with her husband and two sons- and even the many cute pugs she helps raise. When she can find the time, Sue enjoys travelling, camping and gourmet cooking.

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