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X-rays have been used as a diagnostic dental tool for over 100 years, and as technology has advanced, so has dental x-ray equipment and safety. Our office uses the most recent digital technology, which has greatly improved the safety, comfort and speed of x-rays:

  • Exposure to radiation is reduced by 80 – 90%!
  • A small wireless sensor in the mouth replaces the awkward biting down on plastic cases.
  • Images are available in seconds – no waiting for film to develop and visits are shorter.
  • Images can be enhanced to show the fine details, allowing the doctor to diagnose conditions in the very early stages.

Digital x-rays allow us to detect problems at the very beginning, when they can be easily treated, saving you time, money, and discomfort. With digital x-rays, the staff at Kind Family Dentistry can provide the safest and most pleasant dental experience for you and your family.

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