Pediatric Routine Dental Care

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The Kind Family dental team has been my go-to location for years, and they continue their tradition of excellent service and care! Whether it’s clean and polish with Julie, or a check-up and treatment by Dr. Smith, you can count on professional and complete services at all times.”
Jim R.

Just like well-child checkups keep your child’s body healthy and strong, routine dental care is essential for your child to maintain a healthy smile and create a lifetime of good oral health habits.

At Kind Family Dentistry, our board-certified pediatric dentists provide the best oral health care in a fun, non-frightening environment that puts your child at ease. We make sure even our smallest patients understand each step of the process and learn how to maintain healthy smiles at home!

As part of their routine dental care, children should receive two checkups and cleanings per year. We also recommend:

  • Flouride treatments to strengthen teeth
  • Tooth sealants to prevent potential decay
  • Casual, pre-appointment discussions to help children know what to expect

Call us to schedule a happy, stress-free experience for your child today.

Give your child’s mouth the care it needs with a routine dental care checkup and cleaning. At Kind Family Dentistry, we’ll make it fun.

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