Can Cavities Spread?


Can cavities spread? Short answer is no, they aren’t necessarily going to spread from tooth to tooth, but the same conditions that created one cavity can create another. So what can you do? Cavities Are Preventable Cavities can be prevented by good oral hygiene, excellent diet and regular dental checkups. Brushing and flossing 2 times […]

7 Drinks That Impact Dental Health

What you eat and drink directly affects your oral health. So how can you make good choices? Below are facts about 7 drinks that impact dental health, and whether they help or hurt your teeth and gums. 1.Coffee Coffee is an acidic drink, but some studies show that coffee can actually aid in the prevention […]

Maintaining Dental Health in a Pandemic

One of the most important things we can do right now during the current COVID-19 Pandemic to stay safe and to keep others safe is to stay home. One way we can do this, and care for our dental health in a pandemic, is by diligent brushing and flossing. This may seem mundane and not […]

3 Tips to Keep Up with Your Dental Hygiene While Under Quarantine

With the changes that come with COVID-19, it’s easy to get out of your day to day routine. During this time, people should take care of their mental health, physical health, boost their immune system, and practice habits that promote good dental hygiene. Here are a few helpful tips to remember while under quarantine. 1. […]

5 Ways to Improve Gum Health

5 Ways to Improve Gum Health


Gum disease is a surprisingly common ailment that silently affects 1 in 4 adults. It can be easy to focus on a bright white smile, forgetting that good gum health is integral to that. Here are 5 ways to maintain or improve gum health: Floss, Floss, Floss! Gum Disease occurs when plaque build up causes […]

Electronic Toothbrushes often claim to be better than “the old fashioned way” but do Electric toothbrushes really work? Some studies have shown that Electric Toothbrushes do clean plaque better, with a reduction of 21% less plaque after 3 month’s use. So it seems they do clean better, but how else can an electric toothbrush help […]

March 2016 The 4th annual Mission of Mercy (AzMoM) in December is the largest volunteer event in Arizona for the dental community. It is an opportunity for dentists, dental team members, and volunteers from the community to come together and help connect individuals that lack access to care with compassionate standard of care services. The […]

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